There is no failed attempt, just a failure to attempt. -- R. P. Weiss
Payment of services indicates that the customer agrees to the following conditions:  A professionally written eCareer submission, as completed by   , is intended to increase the likelihood of an interview by promoting the qualities and credentials of the job candidate.   
makes neither a promise nor a guarantee that their product, alone, will automatically provide their customer an interview or position with the Postal Service.

  • Over 30 years of service with the US Postal Service.
  • More than six years of experience as an Accounting
    Technician, and nine years experience as an SSA
    Facilitator, best-qualified positions that required an
    interview, secured through a 991 application.
  • Expertise in mail classifications; extensive knowledge of
    DMM regulations.
  • Extensive experience in writing PS Form 991 and eCareer
    applications for postal employees seeking higher level
    positions (over 320 submissions to date).
  • Background in writing resumes and cover letters for job
    applicants, many who have secured their desired positions
    through the use of these documents.
  • B.A. Communications, Penn State University, 1981
  • Founder/Writer, Postal eCareer Writing Services, hired by Postal Service employees seeking positions from
    EAS-11 to EAS-26; clients include clerks, carriers, postmasters, managers, including those on paper
    review boards. Completed over 370 submissions since 2005.
  • Prior Freelance Writer, Northeast Times, Philadelphia, PA
  • Founder/Editor, the USPS Financial Focus, a publication that circulated vital financial information to Postal
    employees working at over 150 offices throughout the Philadelphia Performance Cluster.
  • Editor, the USPS Philadelphia Safety Fox, a city-wide safety and health publication for Postal employees.  
    This newsletter originates from Fox Chase Station, recognized by OSHA as a VPP Star work site.
  • Guest author for SSA Today, a postal newsletter providing retail information to Sales and Services
    Associates within the Philadelphia Metro Performance Cluster.
  • Contributing writer for an online magazine for Postal employees.
  • Contributing writer for the Eastern Area Update, the Eastern Area's US Postal Service magazine serving
    over 138,000 postal employees working throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware,
    Kentucky, North Carolina, most of South Carolina, southern New Jersey and parts of Virginia and Indiana.
  • Contributed to USPSNewsOnline (now News Link).
  • Guest Author for the USPS Bulk-Biz, Everybody's Business, and SSA Today newsletters.
  • Author of Fox TV Not Too Sly, appearing in the Philadelphia Postal Worker.
  • Author of Counterfeit and Raised Postal Money Orders, published at, and was picked up
    by  the corporate web site of Bloomfield State Bank in Indiana.
  • Writer of Saving Money is Just a Mailing Away, published at, and was also published at
  • Contributing Writer, XT Magazine,
  • Essay award winner, the US Postal Service Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee.
  • Contributing author for The Single Parent Magazine (and online edition), publications of Parents Without
    Partners International.
  • Past Editor, Lifeline, a publication of the Philadelphia chapter of Parents Without Partners.
  • Author, The Metamorphosis of Timothy Dunn,
"Mr. Weiss is living proof that postal workers have a
heart.  He is compassionate and kind, and his freelance
articles for the
Northeast Times are insightful and a
valuable component of our product.  The Postal Service
and the Northeast Times are lucky to have him."

Fred Gusoff, Managing Editor, retired
Northeast Times
Philadelphia, PA
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