The eCareer online job application replaced the hard-copy PS Form 991 application process in April 2008. Job applicants may apply through the eCareer web site by selecting the
"my life" tab at and clicking on the eCareer link at the bottom of the page (or click on the link provided below), or simply by going to Applicants will
need to complete the candidate profile section, job-related questionnaires, a Summary of Accomplishments, a Special Skills/Associations section, and submit the application.  Profile
information, including histories of training, postal and non-postal positions, and special skills are kept online and are available for future job submissions as needed.

Summary of Accomplishments
The Summary of Accomplishments section of eCareer takes the place of the "page 3" essay section of the 991 form.  Unlike the 991, applicants may address several of the
requirements within each essay.  The STAR format is still recommended since job candidates must demonstrate their abilities by describing their actions to solve problems or improve
upon situations related to requirements listed on their job postings. continues to offer writing services to help applicants write essays to most strongly showcase
their abilities.  Because eCareer limits the Summary of Accomplishments section to 6000 characters and will truncate longer submissions, addressing multiple requirements within a
lesser number of essays becomes a necessity, and excessive wordiness becomes a liability.

Job Descriptions
Another significant change in submission guidelines includes the need for applicants to write a brief description of each postal position they have held, along with position titles and
dates (no further back than 15 years). This section is limited to 1500 characters.

Special Skills/Associations
This section takes the place of page 2 of the 991 form.  This portion of the application markets applicants' skills and abilities to reviewers through listings of all of their skills,
knowledge, awards, and participation in civic and/or professional organizations.  The Special Skills/Associations area plays a vital role in displaying the talents of applicants and
provides additional information that applicants may not be able to include in the Summary of Accomplishments section. (formerly offers expertise
in creating a highly professional presentation of credentials that applicants wish to show to review boards or managers reviewing eCareer applications. This section is limited to 2000

Access to eCareer
Employees need to enter their Employee ID and USPS Pin Number in order to access the area of liteblue that accesses the eCareer program. From the Blue Page, employees must
enter their POS or ACE ID and password.

Click here to access eCareer (or go to  eCareer Submissions
The eCareer online application process
How to Apply
Eligible employees apply on-line via the internet at from any non-postal computer or via the intranet
at . From either website, click on the 'My Life' tab and eRecruitment link. Complete the candidate profile,
job-specific questionnaires, and summary of accomplishments addressing the requirements stated on the posting.
Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, of the posting's closing date. EAS employees requesting
non-competitive lateral or lower level reassignment should submit their written request to the selecting official for
non-competitive consideration. The US Postal Service is an equal employment opportunity employer and provides
reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of
the application, interview, and/or selection process, please contact the office identified on the vacancy announcement. The
decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.
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