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Payment of services indicates that the customer agrees to the following conditions:  A professionally written eCareer submission, as completed by   , is intended to increase the likelihood of an interview by promoting the qualities and credentials of the job candidate.   
makes neither a promise nor a guarantee that their product, alone, will automatically provide their customer an interview or position with the Postal Service.
*STAR Format:  Your response to requirements that
addresses your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's)
"STAR" stands for "Situation or Task," "Action," and
Fax: 859-762-1590
Preparation of your eCareer Application
  1. Phone Interview:  I will contact you by phone to gather
    information regarding your background, including items for
    inclusion on your candidate profile.  I will also help you to
    recall your experiences as related to your KSAs, as listed on
    your job description.
  2. Summary of Accomplishments:  After our series of
    interviews, I will finalize your KSA's  (knowledge, skills and
    abilities) in  the STAR format*.
  3. Email:  Email correspondence supplements our phone
    contact to further clarify items needed to enhance your
  4. You will receive your completed information as a Word
    document through email as an email attachment.
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